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About Us

V1ST.ORG, also known as Veterans First, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that currently operates under the auspices and in alliance with Children’s Health Advocacy, Research, Medical Education and Development, Incorporated (“CHARMED, INC.).

Veterans First is committed to underwriting the building of housing for our over 40,000 homeless veterans who are currently still living on the streets of this nation.  These veterans fought for the United States in wars from World War II to Afghanistan but came home to face a huge range of housing challenges across a wide swath of people.

Veterans First also has established a local — as well as a nationwide — help desk to assist veterans seeking information on veterans benefits, survivor benefits, burial/funeral benefits, education benefits, medical benefits, and other veterans resources.  Often times we will coordinate the referral of a veteran to social workers within the Veterans Health Care System to establish health care.

Veterans First also continues to provide advocacy for clients, patients and veterans who otherwise would have slipped through the cracks of our judicial system because of the lack of financial resources.  Veterans First strives to spearhead campaigns to secure legal representation to help assert their legal claims in both state and federal courts, as well as before the State Employment Development Department, Social Security Administration, and United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  The success of our combined organizations over the last thirty-five (35) years is due substantially to the generous help and support of retired judges, attorneys at law, Congressmen and Senators and a host of other professionals and volunteers throughout the United States.  Altruistic by nature, these individuals have provided invaluable assistance – often at little to no cost.

Finally, we will continue championing programs to ensure for all Veterans:

  • Equal and inalienable rights

  • To further promote social progress and better standards of life;
  • To dramatically improve the pay grades that will enable service members to comfortably exist in the present day's economy;
  • To ensure there is always affordable housing available to all service members;
  • To ensure comprehensive employment assistance that will provide service members with a competitive edge as they return to the nation's workforce;
  • To streamline the process for all service members as they access health care benefits;
  • To simplify the process of filing claims for combat-related injuries and disability benefits;
  • To simplify the appeals process for any service member who has been denied benefits;
  • To ensure easy access to comprehensive one-on-one mental health care, and
  • To advocate for many more important benefits to which ALL VETERANS, including women and LGBT veterans, should be entitled.

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